About Us

Halaç Erkırlı Kaynar ("HEK") Attorney Partnership is an independent law firm established in Istanbul, providing legal consultancy and legal services to its clients in a wide range of areas including both public and private law. HEK provides legal consultancy services to domestic and multinational companies as well as legal services in legal disputes of its real person clients with its dynamic team of lawyers and consultants, each of whom speaks at least two languages.

Through our expert lawyers, we provide legal services with the utmost care and diligence in many areas such as corporate law, mergers & acquisitions, commercial disputes, labor and social security law, personal data protection law, intellectual industrial rights, real estate law, criminal law and administrative disputes.


HEK Attorney Partnership's ability to combine private and public law allows us to examine each case and fact from the perspective of more than one area of law in order to provide our clients with a complete protective shield.

Trustworthiness and Loyalty

One of our foremost principles is that we take the utmost care for each and every client and case in the same way, without discrimination or favoritism.


In line with the culture of "striving for the best" that each team member carries from his/her educational life to his/her professional life, we consider it our duty to push the limits by abandoning simplistic approaches.


In order to defend our clients' rights in the best possible way, we aim to communicate in a way that is completely transparent internally and completely opaque externally. In this way, we are not only our clients' legal counsel, but also their confidants.

Collective Intelligence

Instead of a top-down approach, we believe it is best to take an inclusive approach that values our clients' opinions and feelings. In this way, we make sure that the legal strategy we choose is the right one among multiple alternatives.

Continuous Improvement

Each area of law develops and changes day by day according to the needs of societies. We follow the needs of our clients in this movement and constantly enrich our knowledge in line with the most up-to-date legislation.

We pursue all types of transactions and legal disputes from the beginning to the end with a high level of attention and a multi-disciplinary approach to ensure Full Protection & Cost Saving for our clients.

As HEK Attorney Partnership, we consider each concrete case from the perspective of more than one legal field in order to ensure that our clients do not incur any unforeseen loss of rights and have a full protection shield. This practice gives our clients the advantage of obtaining the optimum solution even in the most complex transactions and legal disputes.